Afro-Japanese Inspired Art by Alex Gardner

Afro-Japanese Inspired Art by Alex Gardner

For your inspiration take a look at the colorful paintings of LA based artist, Alex Gardner.

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“All my subject matter is based on real life, I’m not trying to access the subconscious or the unconscious dream state, I don’t want to have these pieces of a puzzle … I try to strip it down to the basics to evoke mood and emotion.








Alex creates sculptural yet expressive figurative work set in a minimal geometric landscape. He draws on influence from Renaissance painters in the way to pose and gesture the figures to purposefully guide the eye through the composition. He relies solely on the figure and it’s interaction with simple shapes, and sometimes plants, to create ambiguous narratives. The aim of his work is to convey the mood and emotion of a specific life event without explicitly describing the event itself. The anonymous figures allow viewers to project themselves into the narrative while also depicting issues of identity. Gardner explores human nature and recurring themes such as desire, ethics and anxiety, which are often juxtaposed with the notion of leisure. Gardner’s African and Japanese heritage has an influence in his work. Having travelled extensively to both regions, he uses these personal experiences as inspiration and aims to create relatable visual narratives through stark figurative compositions.

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