Mambacore: African Mexican Inspired 3D Character Render

Mambacore: African Mexican Inspired 3D Character Render

Fer Aguilera Reyes is an illustrator from Chihuaha Mexico, he shared one of his 3D character design with us breaking down the process for his character Mambacore.

The render was inspired by the song of Infected with the same name and in African masks. Just by investigating the word Mamba I ended up wanting to do something with an African theme related. I got stucked of wanting to do a robot because of the electronic sounds that the song has.


I ended up wanting to do a futuristic tribal warrior, so I started searching different masks that are used in African tribes, I really liked the Zulu and Baluba. The Baluba inspired the round shape and the Zulu inspiration can be seen in a little mask that’s in his shoulder. Originally that was going to be a shield, but it didn’t work in the composition.


For the patterns, It was a mix of both African and Mexican. The triangles are really common in lots of Mesoamerican art, and I think it worked really well; and the overall style of the character was inspired by lots of Mexican illustrators, some of them are Raul Urias and Grand Chamaco.


For the artistic process, it was a lot of experimentation in 3D more than in 2D. After watching all the masks and different patterns, I ended up with a really simple sketch. or a process of 10 days, I ended with the final result which is still one of my favorite works till this day.




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