A Matter Darkly: Futurism and Blackness

A Matter Darkly: Futurism and Blackness

[dropcap size=big]F[/dropcap]emi Matti
is a Nigerian born photographer/ videographer who explores visual art through a blend of street scenes and a touch of magical realism.  Femi’s work mainly features landscape photography that are shrouded in mystery and transformed by a futuristic aesthetic. 


“Blackness permeates– my body, mind, past, future, now, my love, my life. Blackness informs me, how you see me. Black is the way I move through the world, the way the world moves through and around me. It’s the space surrounding. Inescapable, unerasable. Blackness, always at the front and back of my mind. Blackness is depth, motion.  Dark matter stretches, yawns, expanding. Shadows dancing, taunting the light.  Blackness is not static. Blackness is every dimension at once, colliding. Chaos and order. The origin point. The final destination.  Me. “

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