Faith 47: Global Explorations of Human Intimacy

Faith 47: Global Explorations of Human Intimacy

722 – 481 BC is the title of the newest collaborative work from Faith47 and Lyall Sprong of Thingking.

This large mural, situated in the heart of Manchester’s northern district pays homage to human intimacy as well asserting support for LGBT rights.

The mural is brought to life at night with a geometric light installation exploring shadows as not merely the absence of light. A symbolic interpretation of the ‘gay friendly area’ sign lights up on an adjacent wall. 

This artwork forms part of the Cities of Hope Mural Project in which the work of each artist is matched to a local grassroots organisation. Faiths artwork serves as a potential catalyst for a dialogue between the Partisan collective in Manchester and the Triangle Project based in South Africa.

Relationships rise and fall, societies blossom and crumble…The profound connectedness between us creates and destroys life. We are sensitive and caring, yet at the same time vulnerable and cruel. The foundation of the 7.83hz project is recognizing this duality as well as the profound weight of our interconnectedness.”

Faith 47

The series, 7.83Hz, is unfolding as Faith47 creates moments of raw intimacy on walls, abandoned buildings, copper screen prints, canvases, lithographs, and multi-screen video installations, weaving in subtle references to the dates of ancient wars and schools of hypnotism.

 Video by Zane Meyer of @chopemdownfilms








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