Step by Step process creating Concept Art “The Wild”

Step by Step process creating Concept Art “The Wild”


[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]ndrei Pintea is a digital artist born in Bucharest, Romania where he currently lives and work. He studied architecture in Bucharest and begun working as a digital artist in architecture visualization studio called Tegmark. Andrei works with 3d Max, texturing, modeling, lighting, camera setup.  In his spare time he creates digital artworks that blend architectures in new worlds that portray emotions and tell a short story.


Andrei takes us step by step through the process of making the “Wild”

When I started this image there wasn’t a certain direction for what I was going for, all I can remember is that it was a hot summer day at the office and I wanted to go away from everything so I closed my eyes and I pictured a dry, remote place where one could live in solitude surrounded by nature.

3d model_process

Then I got this picture in my head with a big colorful sky over a dry land and I was thinking about African wildlife like giraffes and antelopes (oryx) that are wandering in this landscape. I was trying to go deeper with this image so I added an architectural element to it which is a low profile supermarket store that seems empty but on top of it someone improvised a place to live, to be alone in this exotic place. I thought it could intrigue people to think about it and maybe develop their own stories, why is there a supermarket here, where could this place be, who could live there and why.

01_raw render

02_lights and shadows 03_building adj 04_ground adj 05_reflection 06_rust and details 07_wildlife 08_background 09_extra tex 10_zdepth 11_specular 12_curves down 13_color adj_FINAL IMAGE all together


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