Fak’ugesi – Africa’s Digital Art Festival Just Rocks!

Fak’ugesi – Africa’s Digital Art Festival Just Rocks!

Since almost the beginning, I have been involved or participated in the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival. The festival has continued to expand celebrating the culture of technology and art in Africa.This year, Fakugesi’s theme was Afro Tech Riot! , I want to scream and shout about how awesome it is, but luckily there is a great video summary of all the digital goodness that happened this year.


We called it the AFRO TECH RIOT. In 2016 we amped up radical new African vision of community, spirituality and the feminine. We played, made, shifted, and shared through seminars, talks, exhibitions, game arcades, workshops, performances, innovation riots, installations, tech demos, pitches, parties and future sounds.



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