ADA Challenge: African FolkStory

ADA Challenge: African FolkStory

We have an entire year ahead of us for creativity so we want to introduce African Digital Art Challenges. Each month features a series of challenges where we invite you to share your craft so that you can push your own boundaries. The spirit behind the challenges is to get to know and encourage the growing community of artist around the world who draw inspiration from Africa.

ADA Challenge 1: African Folk stories

We believe in the power of African storytelling so in this challenge you will design characters from an African folktale. You can design upto 5 characters from a well known or traditional African myth or story. Each character should tell their own story through their costumes, environment and gestures. We are searching for compelling stories that will share the rich cultural heritage we have on the continent which in turn will inspire others to know more of our own stories.

Be as creative as possible. All variations of digital art are encouraged whether you want to submit illustrations, gif’s, animations, audio, interactive project or concept. Your imagination is the limit.


  • 5 high resolution character design. (min 1,920px)
  • Work in process artwork that shows the progress of your entry
  • A little information about the character you designed.
  • *Videos, GIF’s and Audio are also welcomed
  • send to
  • alternatively you can submit on instagram by submitting your work with the #adachallenge and #africandigitalart in the caption. Please be sure to include both.

We are looking for the most creative and compelling narrative characters. Your characters should draw us through your style, and emotion.

Deadline: Jan 31st 2018
Winners will be announced on ADA on February 7th. 



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  1. mal

    January 3, 2018 at 3:29 am

    Is this open worldwide? Amazing idea, looking forward to seeing the work!

  2. Chinedu Obo

    January 10, 2018 at 7:32 am

    Great and interesting.
    I mean this challenge.
    But I wish narrative forms
    Were a part of the media
    I shall however follow the developments.

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