Alexis Eke: Representing Black Women in Graphic Design and Digital Art

Alexis Eke: Representing Black Women in Graphic Design and Digital Art

Toronto based designer Alexis Eke, proves that simplicity is king, and we find her work ultimately cool. But it is more than just simplicity Alexis chooses simple palettes with contemporary imagery that bring delight to her illustrations. Inspired by her Afro Caribbean heritage Alexis hopes her work will increase more people of color represented in the art world, specifically in graphic design.

“I grew up in a Caribbean household. With a traditional Caribbean family, it was hard to pursue my passion for art and design at first, but eventually they warmed up to it, and saw the potential in it.” – Ballpitmag

“I find that black women are almost always overlooked, and are not represented enough in the creative world. With my art I want to increase the representation of black women in art and eventually in creative industries. This is important to me because I never was able to look up to a black women creatively because I never knew any. They weren’t as “mainstream” as successful white male creatives for example. “ – Culture Cult

“…my aesthetic has changed from simplicity to something more afro centric. I would say that my aesthetic combines the clean and modern look in graphic design today, with my Afro-Caribbean culture.” – Ballpitmag


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