Graphic Artist Pioneer Belkis Ayón

Graphic Artist Pioneer Belkis Ayón

Belkis Ayón Manso (January 23, 1967 – September 11, 1999) was a Cuban artist and lithographer. At the young age of 32, Ayón committed suicide leaving behind a prolific body of work that continues to inspire artists today. Ayón was known for her signature printing process, a pioneer of large-scale printmaking and collography. Collography is a labor intensive technique using carefully designed collaged cardboard plates from a variety of materials and textures that are then run through the press with paper.

A designer and technologists, her prints draw from contemporary Cuban culture and African inspired Abakua rites and rituals. Her use of innovative methods for her print work is why we think it is important to find inspiration from her work.

“I aspire above all to give my vision, my points of view as observer, presenting in a synthesized form the aesthetic, plastic, and poetic aspects I discovered in Abakuá, persistently relating them to the nature of man, with vivid personalities, with feelings which sometimes grip us, feelings we don’t know how to define, with these fugitive emotions…with the spiritual.”



Belkis Ayón, Sikán, 1991. Collograph. 202 x 138 cm. Collection of the Belkis Ayón Estate

Belkis Ayón, La cena (The Supper), 1991. Collograph. 138 x 300 cm. Collection of the Belkis Ayón Estate.
Belkis Ayón, La familia (The Family), 1991. Collograph.
250 x 138 cm. Collection of the Belkis Ayón Estate.

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