Bits of Maputo: AudioVisual Project on the Urban Landscapes of Mozambique

Bits of Maputo: AudioVisual Project on the Urban Landscapes of Mozambique

A few months ago I was fortunate to visit Maputo, Mozambique for the very first time. I attended the exhibition opening, Bits of Maputo, showcasing the work of Ricardo Pinto Jorge.

“Bits Of Maputo” is an audiovisual project, curated by João Roxo. It is comprised of 30 Photomontages, an immersive Video Installation, A Sound Track Compilation By some of Maputo’s Finest Musicians and a catalogue which features a wide array of texts, written by a diverse set of people who share their perspective and experiences in the City of Maputo. This project was created with an intention to spark a dialogue about space awareness and how each citizen perceives the space (the city) in which they are enveloped and how they interact with it.

Ricardo Pinto Jorge is currently living his childhood dream, flying as an airline pilot across Africa while experimenting in visual and digital art. As a young child Ricardo experienced vertigo laying on the car floor looking at the skies and sky scrappers of Maputo. The dizzying feeling he had as a child would later inspire him to take on flying as well as creating audiovisual photomontages that would tell stories about his city.

O Espremedor ©2017
Uma Torre Torre ©2017
Muncipio ©2016
Museu ©2016
Entre O Franco E O Tunduro ©2017

Liga ©2017
Mesquetida Da Mafalala ©2017
Catedral ©2017
Misau ©2016
Monumental ©2017
24 De Julho + Albert Luthuli ©2017
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