Dawn of Thunder: Nigerian 3D Animation Short FIlm

Dawn of Thunder: Nigerian 3D Animation Short FIlm

Dawn of Thunder, developed by Komotion Studios, is a short animation that was in development last year. Komotion Studios is a digital art studio in Nigeria led by Kolawole Olarewajo, a graphic artist, animator and visual effects artists. Komotion Studios prides itself of being 100% Nigerian based focusing on local and traditional stories led by passion.


Dawn of Thunder is based on the story of Sango the famed god of thunder with his signature thunderbolt axe that, popularly known as “Oshe Sango” ,causes lightning and disruption when used by him. He is also the third Alaafin(King) of Oyo Kingdom in Nigeria. It’s an origin story which chronicles his life from birth till his eventual disappearance. We go back to where it all started, the questions he asked, the answers he was given, the visions about his future encounters and ultimately how these experiences will shape his future. Having heard and known all this, what will his approach be towards events as they unfold? Its a relatable story which shows the gradual loss of innocence, the corruption of power and a never ending quest to find out who we are and what our purpose truly is.


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  1. Jali Cook

    February 3, 2018 at 11:54 pm

    In LOVE with your film! I shared to Facebook and hope that others do the same. My cousins make me proud!

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