Portraits of Real Life Women by Jamea Richmond Edwards

Portraits of Real Life Women by Jamea Richmond Edwards

Jamea Richmond-Edward is a mixed media American artist who primarily depicts women from her life.

“My artwork examines the complexities of the subjects within the paintings. Most of the pieces are autobiographical and are inspired by the women in my family”

“The women in my paintings are those women described by Toomer and Walker. Their bodies and attire serve as a shrine to those who have used and disparaged them. My goal is not to uplift the subject, but simply to reveal a truth that exists within the reality of those I am inspired by. The subjects are physically beautiful; however there is a pain that resonates deep within which makes each one strikingly human. A question presented to me once about my work was, “Why not make the women grotesque?” I never saw any of the subjects in my paintings or family to be grotesque, in spite of the horrible things they have done or experienced. I created them in the likeness of which I saw them; beautiful but flawed, praised but hated and stern but fragile.”

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“Ink is my choice of medium because of the precision I must have when drawing because there is no erasing. My intention with the ink is to create very sculptural like portraits as if the figure was hand-carved from ebony wood. The folded papers and fabrics used for the garments form a low-relief sculpture on the surface it is adhered to. I am interested in manipulating the illusion of space by combining the 2D and 3D elements. The textural elements of my works draw in the viewer, creating a very intimate interaction with the subject. I am most interested in superimposing a variety of materials and techniques that I am successfully able to synthesize.”


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