Contos dos Orixás: The Afro-Brazilian Series bringing Orishas to Life

Contos dos Orixás: The Afro-Brazilian Series bringing Orishas to Life

Hugo Cunato is a Brazilian illustrator and comic artist who developed a 90 page comic book series inspired by the legends of the Yoruba and Nago.

About the story

“There was a time of kings and heroes upon the earth… There, between the dry ocean of sand and the rain forests, was a mosaic of peoples whose cities, made of ivory and bronze, loved war and trade with it Intensity … craftsmen, sages and sorcerers, who have marked two continents forever. ” This is the universe of the Tales of Orishas, constructed based upon the Itan, traditional stories told orally for centuries between Yoruba tribes, in a place today between Nigeria and Benin, whose children, scattered throughout the diaspora of oppression, have taken root in Brazil and Americas. When entities like Xangô, Exú and Yemanjá walked among men, influencing their destinies, aiding and protecting mortals. And, to make this project real, we formed a creative team that counts on my script and pencils, artwork and layout of Marcelo Kina, and the incredible colors of Pedro Júnior, both comic book and animation professionals.


The greatest stories from Yoruba mythology, taken to the universe of Comic books.
Hi, my name is Hugo Canuto and just like you, I’m a passionate about Comics!
I have always been fascinated by the great epic sagas that burned the souls of the ancients, creating civilizations and monuments. From Gilgamesh to Darth Vader, beautiful Porasy, Thor or Superman, the heroes of a thousand faces still stir our imaginations, with the same charm as when we heard stories around the fire, in the night of time.
Although since 2013 I have thought of developing a work that addresses the African culture, a few months ago decided to start it, drawing “The Orixas” in honor of the 99 years of the master Jack Kirby, one of the most influential artists in comics.
Then, I decided to go ahead with the initiative, because I believe that it is necessary wirte about plots that dialogue with our culture (afro-brazilian culture), from other glances.
So, after a few years in São Paulo, returned to my hometown, Salvador, in the state of Bahia, a city of great Yoruba / Nago heritage located in northeastern Brazil, to go deep in research, talking with scholars and adepts of Candomblé, seeking knowledge in this universe, aiming for something that honors tradition and, at the same time, presents in an artistic way and with a different approach, the stories of the Orixás.
Throughout the years of working to create “the Song of Mayrube” universe,  I have often sought inspiration in the history of civilizations who belongs to Africa.
I realized that, despite living in the country that received the most African people in the diaspora, its contribution to our development and importance, is still underestimated under layers of prejudice.
It’s necessary to understand our identity as a nation, and in most recent years, there are some laws approved to increase the teaching of Afro-Brazilian and African culture. It is fundamental, rescuing this heritage for the new generations.
That’s how “Tales of Orishas” was born, which will take the powerful narratives of the Yoruba culture to the Comic book format, in a 90-page color album to be released, first in Brazil, in August 2017.
This project believes comics as an artistic expression, and is born of the desire to produce a quality material, with affordable price for the public.
Visit our page, in which we post news, arts, character cards and the process of creation of the magazine.
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