Ekow Nimako: Sculpture and Lego Artist

Ekow Nimako: Sculpture and Lego Artist

Some of us have never fully recovered from our first encounter with Legos. Ekow Nimako is a Ghanian-canadian artist who has been inspired by Lego bricks for decades developing his artistry through Lego bricks. His work reveals that this childhood toy has “unexpected and innovative use”. In his book Beasts from Bricks, Ekow recreates animals in guide book that shows you how to build these creates step by step inviting you to his passion for sculpture and craft. We take a look at some of his sculptures and learn more about what inspires him to build.

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  1. Christo

    March 12, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    Great to see a change from the endless Star Wars Lego constructions that you usually find on the web!

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