The Exquisite Digital Collages of Oliv Barros

The Exquisite Digital Collages of Oliv Barros

Oliv Barros is a visual artist and art director of film from Brazil. Oliv shared some of his motivation and inspiration for his work.

In addition to Art Director and Visual Artist I am a figurnista working in a peripheral collective called Gleba do Pessego, a collective of audiovisual directors that seeks to represent experiences of oppressed groups and people outside the normative standards imposed by society through our eyes of young people coming from peripheries of Greater São Paulo and members of the acronym LGBT.

We met during Group XI of the Institute of TV, Cinema and New Media, united by shared concern about the scarce presence of minorities on and off the screen. The audiovisual circuit still has very little representation of the peripheries and we are proud to be able to occupy these spaces.



In addition, we seek to take our films to the peripheral cultural circuit, proposing dialogues and reflections after the exhibitions.

One of our brands is the process shared by the team, which has an active voice during all stages of the process, from the drafting of the projects and scripts to the finalization of the films. The collective values ​​the power of the image and our influences go beyond the cinema and are permeated by the visual arts, music, performance, dance and photography, composing an audiovisual product that dialogues with all these artistic expressions.

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