Whimsical Illustrated Portraits by Ubiomo Ogheneroh

Whimsical Illustrated Portraits by Ubiomo Ogheneroh

We love these colorful and simple character illustrations by Nigerian artist Ubiomo Ogheneroh also known as Lord Kpuri. Bold colors, exaggerated features and minimal composition make these illustrations stand out. Enjoy!

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#powertothenigerianyouth #politics @ada_zion_nwachineke Kindly go and support her! #youth #nigerianyouths ———————– I stand strongly with Ada on her political movement in trying to bring Nigerian youths to the light of political awakening in this present age, we "the youth"are the leaders of today and not tomorrow /tomorrow is not promised/, let's come together and make this great mark together, Iron sharpens Iron. This movement is not a one man show, Let's come united and be enlightened and not murmur in ignorance. Nothing will change until we speak-up, not just speak-up but to speak up wisely and with wisdom. Lets not settle for a mediocre life about politics because without proper knowledge/awareness we won't fulfill this great vision. We are the leaders of today not tomorrow. ———————- #powertothenigerianyouth

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