Benji Reid: photographic dance to the tune of our turbulent times

Benji Reid: photographic dance to the tune of our turbulent times

Benji Reid is a photographer, performer and digital artist. He describes his art as the space ” where theatre, choreography and photography meet.”

In the 1970’s, I stumbled across the films, music, and voices which spoke to me in pictures. For me art was a means to set up hyper-realities, conversations, and to curate my curiosities.

I’ve been inspired by everything from Jacques Tati (Mon Oncle) to Ray Harryhausen (Jason And The Argonaut’s). My urban and emotional pulse drew upon a cross pollination of hip hop and Japanese avant grade seen in Butoh. These influenced  the way I saw urban landscapes.

There is dance in everything, but there is no dance without dramatic tension, and there is no image without soul. These are the substratum of the Choreo Photolist. Within these walls lay a playfulness of elements,  hearts in exploding backpacks, goldfish bowls as Astronaut helmets balloons as transportation. but the body in space has always been my weapon of choice my voice here I attempt to tell static stories that explore issue around mental heath, freedom and love of self. The aim is to create without boundaries,  slipping from the black dreamscape to the political.

The Choreo Photolist is a photographic dance to the tune of our turbulent times.


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  1. Christo Doherty

    July 23, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Stunning work! I love the humour, and imagination in Benji Reid’s studio photographs. This is a teasing, always robust and humourous engagement with the themes of Afrofuturism. Love the refs to great movement comedians such as Jacques Tati.

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