Emptiness by Nigerian Digital Artist Abigail Solaja

Emptiness by Nigerian Digital Artist Abigail Solaja

Abigail Solaja is a digital artist and graphic designer from Lagos,Nigeria.

We have all felt it, the emptiness. Where the things we love abandon us and leave our minds in decaying state. However, there’s usually a standstill in time when we realize how empty we are.
In this series, my goal is to capture this state of mind and evoke feelings of nostalgia to whoever is viewing this

Against the grey miraculous skies
Searching for that need to feel inclined with the top
Countless cold sensations of course
Even the famous views of my being
Needless to talk for it’s being affected by what same forms as me think of me..
Softly conforming to societal standards on my own being
Igniting this imminent need to feel on top
Ordinarily I am just looking for that extra
Needful to say I’m in search of an ASCENSION

The photographs used were taken in Magodo, Lagos by Nikon D810. The shots used for this image was taken after a rainfall in the afternoon. that way, there was a moody feeling that complemented the concept and the sunlight was not harsh. The settings used were ISO 100, Shutter Speed 1/4000, Aperture f 1.8
Different shots of the subject was taken according to the sketched concept. the flowing cloth was photographed in motion. The overall composition was made Adobe Photoshop using the tools and adjustment layers and blending modes to make make the concept realistic.

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