Facing the Shadow: Chief Nyamweya distills the Art of Unlearning

"The neuroscience backing attention practice is quite compelling and I hope to explore further how it re-configures our brain’s default mode network."

‐ Chief Nyamweya

Facing the Shadow: Chief Nyamweya distills the Art of Unlearning

“It’s hard to stay calm when your life is in danger — even when your life depends on you staying calm. For most of us, the only difference between coming face to face with a hungry lion and a bank account that reads “$0.00” is that an ATM machine doesn’t bite and you die a bit more slowly.

Modern human beings live as atomized units solely responsible for their own rent, living expenses and taxes with little to no safety net. It is a radical departure from our hunter-gather roots from which we are yet to recover judging from the rise in depression. To be without money for a modern is like a hunter gatherer without a tribe. Both are in mortal danger, and both face the same survival anxiety characterized by abdominal pain and emotional distress


For the adult human being who comes to terms with this cruel reality of modern life, the only question which remains is:

“In what state of mind must I face these challenges?

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