“Losing” Amos: A Tribute to a Grandfather Through Dress

“Losing” Amos: A Tribute to a Grandfather Through Dress

Photographer Adeolou Osibodu gives tribute to his grandfather through this photo essay where he wears some of his grandfathers clothes.

My Grandfather, Amos died late 2014. It was until about then I realized how casual my idea of him was. I constantly asked myself why I couldn’t see beyond his heavy grins. Why I couldn’t define him as more than the man who was never not glad. Was that all there was or did I just completely miss the point of having people before me? Was there a chance we could have been a lot closer and then maybe I’ll have inherited his hunting rifle? These were the unsettling thoughts that meddled with my conscience. Not the phase of losing someone but that of losing them with not all your heart. Here are self-portraits in which I am contained by attires he owned at certain dated times in his life. Maybe this is inspired by an urge to find consolation or my intimate affection for a time before or me just being “Adeolu”. Regardless, I’m forever glad I happen to find myself in this state.

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  1. Christo Doherty

    July 22, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    What strikes me about the way that Adeolou Osibodu uses his grandfather’s clothes is that he injects the outfits with movement. The obvious pose would be to simply stand for the photograph wearing the outfits; but Adeolou’s choice of dynamic moving poses is interesting. What does this say about his relationship to his grandfather and the clothes. If “clothes make the man”, what does it mean to put on your relative’s garments.

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