Sites I love [Obsessed with]: Manufactoriel

Sites I love [Obsessed with]: Manufactoriel

Never did I imagine that I would be an elder here on the internet streets. 10 years plus now, I have seen blogs and websites come and go. We have experienced the African visual culture goldrush for the past 4 years. But for those of you who are interested in going further, past your okayafricas and afropunks, here is a GEM that you just might not know.

Manufactoriel is a research proposition in African & Black contemporary visual culture, art, and style.

Manufactoriel  holds a deep repository of screenshots from African films that you should watch, fashion houses that you may not have discovered on instagrams and black and African contemporary artists that you have seen somewhere before but can not put your finger on where exactly. Not only that, the site runs deep, in a time when blogs, accounts and platforms fizzle out quickly, repackage and rebrand themselves and ship out to the constant demand for new “africanness”, Manufactoriel has been around doing what it does best, consistently, FOR YEARS!!!! I cannot recommend it enough, and the person behind it.

I was so excited to see a rare interview with Manufactoriel recently featured on Bubblegumclub.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe to both. If you are ever in need of visual or style guides, inspiration, an appreciation for black excellence,  Manufactoriel is a deep well of digital and historical artifacts of this exciting time as we turn into the African century. Enjoy.

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