Udara Film by Daniel Obasi

Udara Film by Daniel Obasi

Udara – is an experimental fantasy by Daniel Obasi that isn’t time bound rather draws inspiration from the past and present in an attempt to broaden the perspective of what is possible with igbo culture. The film is an ode to the diverse layers of being igbo through; symbolism, music, traditional beliefs, the mild conflict and inter dependence between christianity and traditional religion within the igbo communities.
Udara approaches spirituality softly and sheds light on certain igbo beliefs like reincarnation “the belief that someone can be re born in another lifetime’’. It Blends abstracts concepts with characters from the film metaphorically. The tone of
the film is one of loss and not entirely about celebration with hopes to draw attention to a culture that is gradually dying.
Udara is a visual experiment that shows how igbo culture can be discussed alternatively.


Film plot.

After the loss of a dear one, two girls take a trip back to their home town in an attempt to connect with the past, Ada who is constantly haunted by dreams of herself in a different lifetime, Nne her sister tries to guide and console her. Agu and Eze both stand on opposing end of the conversation of religion. Agu a crusader for tradition but somehow is still a church goer and Eze who is stuck between proving himself traditionally as an igbo man or following his father’s dreams to become a church priest. Ironically, Agu and Ada (both strangers) are caught up in the same mystical dream from a lifetime ago until they run into each other.


Ada – Marvelous Mamuro Nne – Blessing Dike
Agu – Joshua Adelubi Eze – Ezemeju Jude


Director and Stylist – Daniel Obasi

Director of Photography – Ugo Oparadike

Assistant Camera – Joseph Isaac
Editor – Gina Amama
Colorist – Remano De Beer
BTS – Daniel Okei
Makeup – Lauretta Orji
Sound Design – Emmanuel Ejidike
Sound consultancy – Falana
Voice Actor – Chidi Ihejiagwa
Production Manager – Ifeoma Kalu

Special Thanks to

Asaga and Ebem Communities (Ohafia) Abia State

Terykel Hotel Abia State


Gozel Green


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