Emotional Digital Art by Kornilios Victoria

Emotional Digital Art by Kornilios Victoria

The work of Kornilios Victoria conveys emotion, a trait that most digital illustrations FAIL to do. Yes digital art and illustration can be expressive but the majority of illustrations have this highly stylized glow that is a product of too many russian tutorials on youtube! So what we are left with is almost algorithmic caricatures of (let’s be honest) celebrities – you know, those portfolios full of rihanna’s and drakes.

So the work of this graphic designer from Pretoria, South Africa is a welcome breath of fresh air to the drabs and drabs you find yourself scrolling through on Instagram. I cannot overstate how great it is to see a little vulnerability in people’s work, at this point ANY show of uniqueness is welcome. Well done Kornilos, also an excellently curated instagram page.! Enjoy!

Kornilios Victoria is a South Africa-based Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

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