Celebrating Love & Modern Turkana Culture

Celebrating Love & Modern Turkana Culture

In early 2018 Picha Marangi, a photographer and stylist from Kibera, travelled to Turkana on assignment. While in Turkana, Picha Marangi met Elizabeth Korikel, a translator, beading artist and singer. Each day at work they complemented each other’s style, struck by how they both loved bold colour and statement pieces. Along the way love blossomed. To celebrate their nuptials, they created looks that incorporated their shared love for vivid colour, Elizabeth’s beading work and Picha Marangi’s redesigned thrifted clothes. These are their wedding photos. #Turkana #ArtistsXchange#MagiqBaby

Artists: @Elizabeth Korikel (beading) & Picha Marangi(styling & clothes)
Project Director: Jackie Lebo
Project Lead: Chelagat Lebo
Photographer: Migz M. Nthigah
Makeup: Suki Kibunguri
Hair: Corrinne Nyumoo
Graffiti: Bankslave
Garment Construction: Tina Masese 
Metalwork: Sam Onyango 
Photographer’s Assistant: Joe Thuo
Production Assistants: Sylvia Okothh & Canje Mwangi 
Content House Kenya Project

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