I Do not Bow |”Candomblé : Digital and CG Art Series

I Do not Bow |”Candomblé : Digital and CG Art Series

Digital artist and CG artist, Andre Holzmeister created this project in resistance to the complex changing political climate in Brazil. Brazil has a strong historic and creative connection to Africa and his project is designed to encourage other digital artist to share more of Africa’s historical legacy through digital art.

EU NÃO ME CURVO (I do not bow) series is a spinoff of my original MASK SERIES, to help give voice to minorities that were threatened by Brazilian new president Jair Bolsonaro, that said during his campaign that minorities has to bow to the majorities. He usually speaks very roughly and disrespectful to Gays, Womans, Indians, Blacks and Quilombolas (African slaves descendants) 

“Candomblé as tied to blackness was seen as an act of resistance against the coloniser. This was literal in the case of quilombos: communities founded by runaway slaves, where Candomblé is most often practiced and to this day undergo frequent raids by police. A quashing of Candomblé thus becomes a quashing of blackness, and vice versa.” Rohan Rice 

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