Wodaabe Mother of Worlds

Wodaabe Mother of Worlds

Suspended above placid waters. A Wodaabe woman over looks a sea of floating planets.

The Wodaabe, also known as the Mbororo or Bororo, are a small subgroup of the Fulani ethnic group. They are traditionally nomadic cattle-herders and traders in the Sahel, with migrations stretching from southern Niger, through northern Nigeria, northeastern Cameroon, southwestern Chad, and the western region of the Central African Republic. The number of Wodaabe was estimated in 2001 to be 100,000. They are known for their elaborate attire and rich cultural ceremonies.

“I am Jahbulani Ori, a Rastafarian artist. My work is inspired by the culture and spirituality of the many unique tribes native to Africa. Using Photoshop as a medium, I digitally paint works that fuse traditional African imagery with celestial bodies. I combine my Jamaican upbringing, African ancestry, and lifelong love of gaming when telling stories about each tribe. I continue to create artwork that embodies the essence of the tribes as well as my inner artistry.”

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