Fundi Bots: Revolutionizing African Education through Robotics

Fundi Bots: Revolutionizing African Education through Robotics

Science education in Uganda (and many African countries) has been reduced to teaching enough theory to simply pass exams. Practical, problem-based learning and experimentation has fallen by the wayside.

This leads to poor overall classroom performance, poor skills development, low job & career prospects and ultimately, weak economic development.

Fundi Bots is intervening by working with schools and communities to provide hands-on, practical STEM / general science education in classrooms and communities.

The Fundi Bots learning model is practical, fun, engaging and puts students in a collaborative and exploratory learning environment that inspires them to think beyond simply passing classroom examinations.

Our students learn how to build robots, which radically improves school curriculum knowledge, classroom performance, provides hands-on vocational skills and career development and empowers students to be forces of change in their communities.

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