Photographer & Visual Reporter Malin Fexehai

Photographer & Visual Reporter Malin Fexehai

Malin Fezehai is an Eritrean/Swedish New York based photographer and visual reporter, and has worked in over 30 countries in the middle-east, Africa, Asia and America.

Her career started in her native country of Sweden, where she studied photography before moving to New York to attend the International Center of Photography. Her work focuses on communities of displacement and dislocation around the world. In 2018 she worked at the New York Times as a visual reporter for the Surfacing column, a one-year residency, where she focused on innovative visual storytelling across desks and disciplines.

Malin was commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme to photograph survivors of violent extremism across Sub-Saharan African, and published a book titled “SURVIVORS” that sought to remind audiences about the growth of violent extremism and the devastating impact on the civilian population.

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