Sound and Performance Fashion Artist Steloo: Stitches from the Ocean

Sound and Performance Fashion Artist Steloo: Stitches from the Ocean

”…Like you can never tell the source of the ocean and its sound But its sound is ever present everywhere on the ocean…

Steloo is a Ghanian sound and performance fashion artist that continues to break and bend pushing digital boundaries through live art perfomances in Accra.

In his latest project “Stitches from the Ocean” he looks at the Ocean as “a technological framework provided to us to recreate from, as creators”.

As a sound story teller via performance, sound exploration and experimenting becomes a practice  that leads me to a discovery journey in my everyday experience with life. In which, i have created an experimental improvised live set which is inspired & built around the observations of sea waves and the lifestyle of the local communities living by the seashores in Accra-Ghana and how useful the ocean serves as a sustainable resource / technology to mankind.

His project consists of a live set experience, what he calls ” an imagery experiences created out from the process which becomes A SELF OBSERVATION PROCESSION PERFORMANCE at a local community living at the shores.”

Steloolive continues to experiment with audio/visual/performance in this experimental electronic music live set. This  self observational procession performance was captured in collaboration with Ghanaian photographer Ofoe Amegavie at a local fishing community in Accra-Ghana. Take a look.

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