Aesthetically Appealing Paintings of Serge Gay Jr.

Aesthetically Appealing Paintings of Serge Gay Jr.

There is something to be said about works of art that have a timeless yet contemporary appeal to them. This is why we could not help but feature the work of artist Serge Gay Jr.

Serge Gay Jr. is a Grammy nominated Creative Director and Art Director. Also a Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, currently based out of San Francisco, California. His art infuses inspiration from living in cities from coast to coast. Influence in his work can be found from the culture sociology of his homeland of Haiti, New York, Miami, Detroit and San Francisco. Serge has taken residence in San Francisco where he continues to explore and share his talent with the world through career oriented and non-profit freelance projects.

If you like his work, be sure to follow him and tell him that @africandigitalart sent you.

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