Ghanian Contemporary Artist Solomon Adufah

Ghanian Contemporary Artist Solomon Adufah

Solomon Adufah is a multidisciplinary artist whose work navigates the complexities of identity through cultural exchange and investigates the social-historical paradigm of globalization as a visual dialogue.

Born in Ghana /West Africa and currently based in Chicago, Adufah explores parallels and discourses in the duality of his own identity. His work expresses a viewpoint of people, shapes, and colors relevant in the everyday lives of the individuals he engages with. As a result, this blurs the preconceived notion of cultural identity and blackness portrayed within the global racial canon. Seemingly insignificant moments of everyday life find themselves set center stage in his paintings, while concurrently testing the boundaries of scale. Carefully composed and accompanied by vibrant colored backdrops and fabric motifs, he combines specific photographic subjects from memory and experience into a visually seamless arrangement. These photographs become the vocabulary which informs his uniquely illustrated paintings.

Adufah’s palette of colors are appointed in accordance with the tones and nuances of Ghana, conveying specificity beyond the personal periphery. Adufah uses his family and often everyday people in his community as subjects in his work. This constant physical engagement is mirrored in his paintings, carefully examining the endless parallels through his experiences. Adufah infuses authentic mixed media materials woven into the fabricated esthetics of each work. Creating a layering technique of combining traditional motifs through screen print and fabric, these materials become an anchored pillar that transcends African portraiture.

If you like his work be sure to follow him and let him know @africandigitalart sent you.

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