Mia Araujo’s West African Alice in Wonderland

Mia Araujo’s West African Alice in Wonderland

Two sisters see the White Rabbit. One follows, and the other stays behind.

My take on this classic story is a fable of love, loss, self-discovery and reuniting with nature, as we follow Alice into a fantastical West African Wonderland.

Fine artist and Illustrator, Mia Araujo creates her own depiction of Alice in Wonderland but inspired by a West African fantasy world. She is currently working on this project and you can follow and purchase some of her artwork.

Mia Araujo is an Argentine-American artist, born and raised in Los Angeles. She strongly believes in the power of nature to heal us, and to richly transform our increasingly disconnected, modern lives.

Through her work, she strives to depict the magical connection between humans and nature, and the constant balance between darkness and light that we grapple with each day. She works traditionally, primarily in acrylics, and also in graphite, ink, and watercolor.

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