Sir Idris Self-Taught Experimental Artist

Sir Idris Self-Taught Experimental Artist

These minimalist portraits by artist Sir Idris are exceptional We shared our favorite. If you love this artwork be sure to follow the artist and tell them @africandigitalart sent you.

About Idris Habib

A unique self-taught multi-disciplinary artist whose work culminates an obvious sense of culture, vibrant colors, bold contemporary flair and a majestic texture. His approach is one of genuine expressionism. The work can range from images depicting his deep relationship and passion for music and its influence, emotion, spirituality and the socio-political aspects of humanism and culture.

He recycles, re-imagines and re- purposes items, giving them new meanings through his creations. This illustrates inspiration and vision can be pulled from anywhere. Objects such as records, gold or silver leafing, in addition to metal or fabric are just some of the selected items used to create cohesive, conceptual work. There is a vivid play on culture and iconic imagery and figures, as seen in his paintings. Concepts such as spirituality and what constitutes belief systems, religion and systematic or orthodox thoughts are other primary ideas illustrated in his work. His stimulating colors, composition and subject matter are exciting visually and theoretically. His goal is to inspire people through art.

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