HyperRealist Nigerian Artist Ken Nwadiogbu

HyperRealist Nigerian Artist Ken Nwadiogbu

Ken Nwadiogbu (b. 1994, Lagos, Nigeria) creates innovative conceptual drawings on various surfaces, as he disrupts the standard narrative of mask as means of liberation or escape, investigates a consciousness that is buried deep within a person, while engaging in multidisciplinary modes of storytelling. Gender equality, African culture, and Black power are a few aspects of his current research and artistic practice.

“I believe that the eye is a window into the soul of any human and as such, make it a constant symbol in my work. I create silhouettes of human forms and embed the eye or sometimes a whole face in them, thus subtracting the human looks and referencing a consciousness that is buried deep within.”

Ken Nwadiogbu is constantly revitalising his practice by challenging modes of Black representation. His oeuvres do not just encompass various forms of drawing using charcoal, collage, and acrylic, but most recently transcends into photography, sculpture, installation and performance art. For him, art is a safe haven, devoid of restrictions, boxes and boundaries.

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