Bio: Jepchumba is an AFRICAN DIGITAL ARTIST and DIGITAL ENTHUSIAST who works hard to combine her two passions: Digital Media and Africa. Originally from Kenya, she has lived around the world developing her interest in philosophy, art and technology. An African digital artist, Jepchumba loves experimenting with motion, sound and various digital effects and techniques and has an extensive background in digital art, web design and development, audio/visual production and social media strategies.

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What exactly is African Electronics?

August 27, 2015 • Artist Serge Attukwei Clottey views ‘African Electronics’ as a call for African...


!00 years of West African Portraits

August 27, 2015 • August 31, 2015–January 3, 2016 In and Out of the Studio: Photographic...


‘AfroAnime’ Series [OkayAfrica]

August 25, 2015 • ‘AfroAnime’ Series Looks To Tap Into The Emerging Market Of “African Magical Futurism”...

“I believe as a Kenyan, as an African, that we’re all waking up to an era where we’re realizing the power of culture again through the arts. It’s the kind of future that will create a currency for us, more valuable than money”



• On Digital Art: Isaac Kariuki •

“How limited is our ability to reimagine the future, when we are not invested in producing our own language, politics and knowledge of the now, of the then. (more…)

• On AfroFuturism: Lindokuhle Nkosi •


June 30, 2015 • Just a Band

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.28.43 AM

June 22, 2015 • The Disrupters


Storytelling, China & South Africa

June 10, 2015 • About this Episode Interview with South African filmmaker Lebogang Rasethaba on his latest...


Stone Orgasms and the Female Body: Interview with Angolan Artist Keyezua

February 20, 2015 • Keyezua is an Angolan born digital artist based at the Royal Academy of Arts in the...


Salon de Coiffure Pointe Noire

February 13, 2015 • Robert Nzaou-Kissolo is a Congolese photographer who lives between...


Encyclopedia of African Political Cartooning

February 6, 2015 • African cartoons is another fantastic digital platform that is archiving African artistic...


African Digital Collage

February 2, 2015 • Share, click, repost, send. These are the daily habits of thousands of African’s online....


February 2, 2015 • Algérie Retro-futur


January 16, 2015 • Carbon Copy