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2 years ago by Nosmot Gbadamosi

Interview Sherin Guirguis

Egyptian born, US-raised artist Sherin Guirguis’ geometrically patterned paintings and sculptures reflect the Mashrabiya. She talks to Nosmot Gbadamosi...

2 years ago by Nosmot Gbadamosi

Interview: Pop artist Serge Gay Jr

Haitian-born Serge Gay Jr is a San Francisco based graphic artist. Together with video director Matt Stawaski, he lends...

3 years ago by Nosmot Gbadamosi

Interview: Photographer Zwelethu Mthethwa

‘People they always tell negative stories about Africa.” “When I understood the political set up. I made it my...

3 years ago by Nosmot Gbadamosi

Photographer J Quazi King

J. Quazi King is a Brooklyn based fashion and lifestyle photographer focusing on portraiture. An ex-IT professional then fashion...