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2 months ago by jepchumba

Storytelling, China & South Africa

About this Episode Interview with South African filmmaker Lebogang Rasethaba on his latest film Future Sounds of Mzansi. He...

2 months ago by jepchumba

Cyberspaces and the Power of Representation

In this episode we speak to artist Tabita Rezaire. We speak about cyberspaces, alter egos and the power of...

5 months ago by jepchumba

Stone Orgasms and the Female Body: Interview with Angolan Artist Keyezua

Keyezua is an Angolan born digital artist based at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague. Her work investigates...

1 year ago by jepchumba

Arnold R Butler: i’M (a) moTHa+ fUcken aRT-iSt

“My idea of art isn’t normal. I feel the artist should appear in his work no more than God...

1 year ago by jepchumba

Juan Stockenstroom: Digital Retouching and Photography

Interview with photo retoucher and photographer Juan Stockenstroom from Cape Town, South Africa Most photo retouchers have a bad...

1 year ago by jepchumba

The Untold Renaissance: Textiles, Art and Reimagining the Past

The Untold Renaissance. This collection pays homage to 18th century textiles and tapestries while exploring the absence of persons...

1 year ago by jepchumba

Interview with the Makers of Outcasts of Jupiter

It has been a while since we last caught up with Shofela Coker. Tell us about the Coker CoOp....

1 year ago by jepchumba

Interview with Photojournalist Glenna Gordon

Glenna Gordon is a documentary photographer that has been blogging and shooting in West Africa for a number of...

2 years ago by jepchumba

Interview with Marie Lora-Mungai Founder of Buni Media

Described as a ‘serial media entrepreneur’ Marie Lora-Mungai is our first feature in our African Creative Entrepreneurship Series. Lora-Mungai...

2 years ago by jepchumba

Interview with Ghanian illustrator Kiaski Donkor

“SIGNATURES” is a video series dedicated to promoting and encouraging Ghana’s local and international creatives. In this new episode...