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2 years ago by jepchumba

African Book Covers

Another African tumblr treasure. This tumblr archives african book cover design. There are some gems of inspiration.

2 years ago by jepchumba

At the Heart of Me

At The Heart of Me, The logbook of a joyful dreamer is a best selling new book by Ivory...

3 years ago by jepchumba

Update on The Bicycle Portrait : 3 Books Published

Stan Engelbrecht (left) & Nic Grobler (right) have published the best 162 portraits and stories of the over 500...

4 years ago by jepchumba

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Illustrated

The Boy Who Harnnesed the Wind is a best selling book about the life of William Kamkwamba of Malawi...

5 years ago by jepchumba

African Arenas

BOOKSHELF - Emotional photographs convey Africa’s passion for soccer. The enthusiasm and passion with which soccer is played in...

5 years ago by jepchumba

Gentlemen of Bacongo

BOOKSHELF: Photographer Daniele Tamagni. The book features a subculture in the Congo where men express their creativity through their...