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6 months ago by jepchumba

Salon de Coiffure Pointe Noire

Robert Nzaou-Kissolo is a Congolese photographer who lives between the cities of Cape Town in South Africa and Pointe...

2 years ago by jepchumba

Francis Mpuya: Conglolese Contempary Artist

Francis Mampuya was born in 1967 in Kinshasa, DRC. He studied Fine Art and with two friends, he founded...

2 years ago by jepchumba

I Am Walé Respect Me

Patrick Willocq is a self taught photographer who lived and worked in  the Democratic Republic of  Congo for over...

2 years ago by jepchumba

Kiripi Katembo

Congelese artist Kiripi Katembo begun his career as a painter before moving to what he is mostly known for,...

2 years ago by Barbara

Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image

We have previously featured Richard Mosse and his photography work in the Congo. Here is more from him as...

2 years ago by jepchumba

The New African Photography

Premiering 22 April 2013 on Al Jazeera English on Artscape, The New African Photography looks at this fast-changing continent through the eyes...

3 years ago by jepchumba

Kinshasa Mboka Te [FR]

Sights, sounds and culture of Kinshasa. Found via Africa is a Country. Coproduction: Antenne A (Kinshasa), DL Multimédia (Lubumbashi), Sens...

3 years ago by jepchumba

War Witch

War witch is a Canadian film writeen and directed by Kim Nguyen. The film stars Rachel Mwanza, in her...

3 years ago by jepchumba


A chukadu is a traditional eastern Congo wooden bicycle. Chukadus are often seen transporting goods and people up and...