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Yeggy Michael – Documentary “You are not your mind”

Though in no way a digital artitst, Yegizaw "Yeggy" Michael, an Eritrean artist living in Seattle, Washington (USA) has adorned walls and public spaces in the states with his paintings and work of art. His mosaic's and paintings are very cultured inspired and speak of  a presence and self that he connects to. Abandoning over-thinking, Yeggie uses … Continue Reading ››
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Land of Sand, Salt and Fire

Perhaps the hottest place on earth, photographer Luke Duggleby captures this mystical area in Ethiopia. The Danakil Depression in north-eastern Ethiopia and southern Eritrea looks like a place straight out of a science fiction novel.
Located at a tectonic plate triple junction The Danakil Depression is one of earth's most active volcanic areas. Due … Continue Reading ››