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6 months ago by jepchumba

A Visual Peek at Ethiopian 1st Sci-Fi Feature Film

A visual look at what is being hailed as “the first ever Ethiopian Sci-Fi Feature Film”. Created by Miguel...

2 years ago by jepchumba

Lines, Streets, and Riots

“There’s a strange kind of dance visitors to the Julie Mehretu show at London’s White Cube gallery take part...

2 years ago by jepchumba

Zerihun Seyoum: On painting Addis Ababa

In a recent interview on Project Inkblot, Ethiopian Zerihun Seyoum explains his artwork, life as a painter and inspiration....

2 years ago by jepchumba

Tigray, Ethiopia

Here is a peak at an extensive photo journal of daily living in the region of Tigray, Ethiopia. We...

2 years ago by jepchumba

ART_C in Addis

“When you have a dream, there are no boundaries, you have to do everything to achieve it.” Moroccan/Isreali designer...

2 years ago by jepchumba

Michael Tsegaye, Photographer

“There is a certain expectation when you are called an African artist or an African photographer; it puts you...

3 years ago by jepchumba

African Color Packaging

Take a look at this student project for Sole Rebels Footwear from Ethiopia. Designed by Caroline Slåttland Solheim the...

4 years ago by jepchumba

African Portraits by Mario Gerth

Beautiful and dynamic portraits by German photographer Mario Gerth. Beautiful is an understatement in this case, Mario’s subjects span...

6 years ago by jepchumba

Ethiopian Scrolls

For your inspiration ancient Ethiopian magical scroll. Source: World Art Design In Ethiopia, when people are sick or anxious,...

6 years ago by jepchumba


Abyssinia is a project by 19 year old photography Joey Lawrence… Yes that’s right 19 YEARS OLD! As a...