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1 year ago by jepchumba

Fair Trade Africa

  Photographer Darran Rees, travels through Central and Eastern Africa capturing the lives of workers of Fair Trade organizations...

1 year ago by jepchumba

Sightings of the Sacred Cattle: Daniel Naudé

South African photographer Daniel Naudé examines the relationship that cattles have in societies in Uganda and Madagascar. Current Exhibition at...

1 year ago by jepchumba

Kuchus in Uganda: Double Lives

This photo essay by Daniella Zalcman portrays the dangerous lives of the LGBT community in Uganda. These double-exposure portraits...

2 years ago by jepchumba

NYT: What Remains

Visiting the town of Gulu in northern Uganda, the Italian photographer Martina Bacigalupo happened upon discarded portraits with the...

2 years ago by jepchumba

God Loves Uganda

Controversial film selected for Sundance film festival 2013. The feature length documentary God Loves Uganda is a powerful exploration...

3 years ago by Barbara

Owain Rich for BBC’s – Africa Beats

Showcasing Africa’s musical talent, Africa Beats is a new series from the BBC documenting muscian’s from the continent and...

3 years ago by Barbara

Google Doodles on African Countries

This mornings Google doodle got me thinking about more doodles on Africa. There aren’t too many out there –...

4 years ago by jepchumba

Journey through Southern and Eastern Africa

Photographer Dillon Marsh chronicles his journey through Southern and Eastern Africa. Marsh travelled from Nairobi to Cape Town over...

4 years ago by jepchumba

Uganda: Leslie Alsheimer

Leslie Alsheimer is most known for her book Black and White in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Lightroom. She...

4 years ago by jepchumba

The Stranded Nomands of Karamoja

The Stranded Nomads of Karamoja is a photo essay taken in Uganda  by photographer Jonathan Hyams. The Northeastern plains...