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2 years ago by jepchumba

Trip Infographics

Infographics by Jeff Tyser and Kerryn-lee Maggs. 7 countries. 150 days. 22 500 kms.

3 years ago by jepchumba

Sugar Cane [FR/ENG]

Portraits of sugar cane farmers in Malawi by Patrick Galibert. Sueur de Sucre La coupe manuelle de la canne...

3 years ago by jepchumba

When The Rains Come

When the Rains Come is a children’s book illustrated and designed by Malika Favre. The project was initiated by...

3 years ago by Barbara

A dose of some music inspiration….

No this is not a new series but sometimes we like to pepper in some music videos here and...

3 years ago by jepchumba

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Illustrated

The Boy Who Harnnesed the Wind is a best selling book about the life of William Kamkwamba of Malawi...

4 years ago by jepchumba

Safe Motherhood Malawi

The mortality rate of mothers and children born in Malawi is staggering. The number of women who die in...

4 years ago by jepchumba

Note on Rainstopping in Nyasaland

Note on Rainstopping in Nyasaland is a photo journal of photographer’s Luca Sage‘s journey through Malawi. Take a look...

5 years ago by jepchumba

African Arenas

BOOKSHELF - Emotional photographs convey Africa’s passion for soccer. The enthusiasm and passion with which soccer is played in...