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    2014 Lagos Photo Festival

    So much goodness this month in Lagos, Nigeria where the LagosPhoto Foundation kicked of its month long celebration of African creativity and photography. This year marks the fifth aniversary of the Lagos photography festival featuring artists and outdoor installations from around the continent. Staging Reality, Documenting Fiction. Launched in 2010, LagosPhoto is the first and […]

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    Pioneer Mozambique artist Valente Malangatana

    “much more than a creator, much more than an artist- [Valente Malangatana is ] someone who demonstrates that there is a universal language, the language of art, which allows us to communicate a message of peace, of refusal of war.” –  UNESCO’s Director-General Federico Mayor Bio Valente Malangatana. (1936-2011) Born in Mozambique, Valente Ngwenya Malangatana […]

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    On Street Photography: Barry Christianson

      “What I love about photography is that once you get behind the lens of a camera the world becomes very different. Mundane, boring streets become interesting. Sometimes beautiful but at least interesting. And then there’s the part where you get to translate what you see into a picture.” – Barry Christianson Photographer Full Portfolio

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    Afripedia: Africa’s contemporary culture scene

    Our friends at Stocktown recently launched a brand new project that we are ecstatic about. Roving throughout the continent this series hopes to captures Africa’s full range of cultural and artistic scenes. Afripedia is an on-going documentary-project covering Africa’s contemporary culture scene. It covers the most significant and prominent creators in the cultural sphere, celebrating […]

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    Run Jose: Short Film on the Casualities of War

    Run Jose is haunting and visually striking short film by MacDuff films. Abducted as a child, forced to kill, Jose has a dream one night and decides to risk everything to act on it. These are the true casualties of war. MacDuff Films Youtube: Facebook: Director: Dave Meinert DP: Michael Cleary Editor: […]

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    Jua Kali: Kenyan photography and sculptural exhibition

    Jua Kali is a photography and sculptural exhibition featuring the works of Tahir Karmali, Dennis Muraguri, and Tonney Mugo that represents the journey of the artisan into self-creation. Stemming from the informality of curating one’s life experiences to generate a perceived self-image. Inspired by the informal sector that breathes character into Nairobi’s economy. The Jua Kali […]

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    Space and Modernism in Ghanaian Architecture

    Commissioned work by South African freelance photographer Alexia Webster.  This particular series is spellbounding in the way that it captures public spaces in Urban Africa.  The series provokes the viewer to reinterpret architectural structures and you feel as though you are caught in between the present, past and future where the objects in the photos […]

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    Photography, Mosquito Nets and the Fragility of Life

    Photographer, Harandane Dicko, brings us an ingenious photographic series, simply and aptly called LA MOUSTIQUAIRE (The Mosquito Net). In areas of Africa where malaria is common, mosquito nets have literarily been saving lives. Harandane uses this simple but powerful tool to artistically depict the ‘fragility of life’. The series is shot in black and white, which […]

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    Feature Artist: Digital Photographer Osborne Macharia

    Osborne Macharia is a self taught Kenyan photographer based in Nairobi. He has a deep passion for digital art and his portfolio includes projects in digital art, fashion photography, portrait and landscape photography. [button style=”btn-info btn-lg” align=”left” type=”link” target=”false” title=”Website” link=””]

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    Fatoumata Diabaté

    Bio Fatoumata Diabaté (b. 1980) is a photographer born in Bamako, Mali, where she currently lives and works. She studied at the Centre de Formation en Photographie (CFP) in Mali, and now works simultaneously on assignments for arts institutions, major organisations such as World Press Photo, and on her own serial photographic projects that develop over longer periods […]

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    Homeland: Nostalgia, Memory and Belonging

    Photo essay by South African photographer Thabiso Sekgala Homeland is the culmination of an exploration of memory, place and interrelated self-imaging. It is based on the former homelands; areas defined by the apartheid government in South Africa for the purposes of confining, defining and disempowering people. Sekgala is interested in the intricate residues of belonging […]

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    Ben Enwonwu: I will not accept an inferior position in the art world

    “I will not accept an inferior position in the art world. Nor have my art called African because I have not correctly and properly given expression to my reality. I have consistently fought against that kind of philosophy because it is bogus. European artists like Picasso, Braque and Vlaminck were influenced by African art. Everybody sees that and is not opposed […]

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    Last Kings of Africa

    Alfred Weidinger search for the last surviving monarchs of Africa’s grandest kingdoms, from Nigeria to Ghana, Zambia to Cameroon — and from the Ivory Coast to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even today there are close to 200 tribal kings in Africa, vestiges of a former age – their ancient traditions preserved, their wisdom and […]

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    Feature Artist: Neals Niat

    Quick conversation with graphic artist and architect Neals Niat.   I was born in Paris but my parents are from Cameroon. I spent 8 years of my life in Douala. Now, I’m studying Architecture in Brussels. I have been drawing since my childhood. It was just a passion at first, and then I decided to […]