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1 year ago by jepchumba

In the Land of Niger

In this photo essay by Joe Penney, he examines the implications of Uranium rich Niger. The photo essay depicts...

2 years ago by jepchumba

Moustapha Alassane: Father of African Animation

Moustapha Alassane is hailed as the father of African animation. Born in 1942 in N’Dougou Niger, Alassane is one...

2 years ago by jepchumba

Paris in Niger

Samuel Gondolo juxtaposes scenes from Paris and Niger to illustrate Frances political and colonial influence on Niger in this...

3 years ago by jepchumba

Memoirs of Niger

Photographer Alessandro Vannucci recent travel through  Niger. Niger is an extremely poor Country, even if compared to the African...

3 years ago by jepchumba

Lost in the Sahel

The Sahel desert covers a large portion of northern Africa spreading from the Northern part of Senegal all the...

4 years ago by jepchumba

African Portraits by Mario Gerth

Beautiful and dynamic portraits by German photographer Mario Gerth. Beautiful is an understatement in this case, Mario’s subjects span...