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Moustapha Alassane: Father of African Animation

Moustapha Alassane is hailed as the father of African animation. Born in 1942 in N'Dougou Niger, Alassane is one of the first filmmakers in Africa contributing to African Cinema since his first films in 1962 - Aoure and La Bague du roi Koda. Since then Alassane has contributed over thirty animations and films. Alassane is … Continue Reading ››
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Memoirs of Niger

Photographer Alessandro Vannucci recent travel through  Niger. Niger is an extremely poor Country, even if compared to the African standard. 80% is covered by sand, the Sahara desert. Much of the non-desert areas are threatened by period drought and desertification. The economy is concentrated around subsistence and some export agriculture clustered in the more fertile … Continue Reading ››