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  • Sherin-Guirguis-Bab-Huda_2013

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    Interview Sherin Guirguis

    Egyptian born, US-raised artist Sherin Guirguis’ geometrically patterned paintings and sculptures reflect the Mashrabiya. She talks to Nosmot Gbadamosi about using it as a way to examine the interplay between contemporary diaspora life in the US and Egypt’s political past. Mashrabiya’s are usually found within doorways and windows featuring finely carved lattice that provide privacy […]

  • mandela

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    Creative Tribute to Madiba

    Thousands of creatives around the world mourn and celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. Hand of Africa Adrian Steirn James Abinibi Sindiso Nyoni Linsey Levendall Wessel Mathews Armando Mendoza Mpumi Guliwe Sean Chris Strydom Garth Walker Christophe Segura ALTERPROD Shaun Oakley Jaco Oosthuyzen Christopher Charles Kode Logic Ziya Levent Aybay Mauro Baldissera Ithateng Mokgoro Siobhan […]

  • Rhode_Arm-Chair_2011

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    Feature Artist: Robin Rhode

    Bio Robin Rhode (b. 1976, Cape Town, South Africa) was raised in Johannesburg and graduated from the South Africa School of Film, Television and Dramatic Arts, Johannesburg, in 2000. The Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist engages a variety of visual languages such as photography, performance, drawing and sculpture to create arrestingly beautiful narratives that are brought to life […]

  • framed4

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    Framed is a photo project by Francois Beaurain highlighting barber and other shops’ signs from Monrovia. Ignored in the West and not valued locally, these signs are, though, integral part of Liberian cultural heritage. With a growing competition of computers and printers these signs could rapidly disappear from the urban landscape. Like nice presentation makes […]

  • "Crossing the Line" at Mixed Greens

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    The Adventures of Ada the Alien

    Nigerian born Ruby Onyinyechi latest illustrations. For expatriates, straddling multiple cultural identities often presents a challenge. To authenticate my diaspora experience, I accept this space of neither here nor there, as it’s own unique hybrid culture or metaphorical bridge. Living in Nigeria is, in many ways, the missing chapter where all parts of my identity […]

  • 220a

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    I’m 220

    In this photo essay by Berta Banacloche, she chronicles the daily life of Nigerian immigrant to Trapani, Italy. Bancloche’s essay portrays the life of many immigrants that cross the sea from Libya to Italy. This is number 220 27 years old Originally from Nigeria Crossed over from Libya to Italy in a small boat 105 people went […]

  • 143_Dare Devil_by Mutua Matheka_blog

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    Wallpaper Monday :: Africa on your Screens

    For those that many not know, ‘Wallpaper Monday‘ is a feature that has been running on my website for the past 149 weeks with the sole aim of getting Africa onto our screens. If any of you is like me, you have suffered trying to find wallpaper for your screens that is inspired and of […]

  • AlexisPeskine10

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    The Art of Alexis Peskine

    Alexis Peskine is a Parisien resident whose work is renowned for his work on race and identity issues in France. My art is just an elaborate response to my reflections about what I have witnessed. I think my diverse background helps me understand that the problem is not White on Black hatred, Jewish on Arab […]

  • nativeworks

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    Native Work

    Contributor: Muse Origins Andrew Putter’s photographic series, Native Works, shows 21 South Africans in both their native, traditional dress, and their modern attire. These two images – traditional and modern, shown next to each other, present a powerful image. It goes to show that many Africans have one leg in the West and one in […]

  • m1

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    Moshanyana (2013) is part of a three film sequence entitled Journey To The Centre of Capricorn directed by Rui Tenreiro, a Mozambican author, illustrator and art director. I felt in love with Moshanyana many times and for various reasons. My love blossomed at the first photographic glimpse of that short film posted on Rui’s blog over a year ago. Once released I couldn’t stop […]

  • initaly3

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    Africans in Italy

    Portrait series of Immigrants in Italy by Marco Ambrosi, Matteo Danesin and Aldo Sodoma. Portraits in Black is a work born from the collaboration of different actors: three photographers – Marco Ambrosi, Matteo Danesin and Aldo Sodoma – the Centre for Immigration Studies in Verona, the Cities of Verona and Padua, the Padua University Sociology […]

  • mountains_2_big

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    Maïmouna Guerresi and the role of women

    Perspective on the relationship between women and society, with particular reference to those countries in which the role of women is most marginalized. For over twenty years Guerresi’s work has been about empowering women and bringing together individuals and cultures in an appreciation for a context of shared humanity, beyond borders – psychological, cultural, and […]

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    Exclusive Premier: Rumpi Monde

    Rumpi Mondé portrays Zumé a black young man immersed in the streets of Rio de Janeiro during a dawn unparalleled in his life. When leaving home the boy is in a mood full of symbols and situations that bring them into conflict with the medium in which he is. Zumé faced with alcohol, women and spiritual experiences […]

  • SakiMafundikwa_2013-embed-1

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    Saki Mafundikwa: Ingenuity and elegance in ancient African alphabets

    Incredible ted talk that cannot be missed. From simple alphabets to secret symbolic languages, graphic designer Saki Mafundikwa celebrates the many forms of written communication across the continent of Africa. He highlights the history and legacy that are embodied in written words and symbols, and urges African designers to draw on these graphic forms for […]

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    Train of Eastern Madagascar

    Photographer Pierre-Yves Babelon captures life along the railways of Madagascar. The railway line connecting Fianarantsoa to the East Coast was inaugurated in 1936. The records speak of eight million cubic meters of material and 225,000 cubic meters of masonry for a journey of less than 170 km. The length of the strands of explosive used […]