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The Untold Renaissance: Textiles, Art and Reimagining the Past

The Untold Renaissance. This collection pays homage to 18th century textiles and tapestries while exploring the absence of persons of color in Medieval and Renaissance-era European art. Borrowing from the sampling method employed in hip hop culture, each reinvented piece tells an original narrative from the perspective of Africans who have been placed in an … Continue Reading ››

We The People of the Diaspora-Black Culture Exploration

We the People of the Diaspora-Black Culture Exploration is a fashion illustration series by Jamilla Okubo. Okubo is a textile design artist influenced from her Kenyan and Trinidadian culture. Okubo is heavily influenced by African fabrics that are seen in her artwork.
Just like quilts, I feel like I can use textiles (designing patterns) to tell stories … Continue Reading ››

Cleaning Beaches through Art

Take a look at a great art recycling project. Ocean Sole is a kenyan organization that uses slippers that wash up on the beaches of Kenya to create toys and crafts for consumers.
We collect discarded flipflops that were previously blighting waterways and coastlines in Kenya. The magic happens through craftsmanship, as talented artisans from … Continue Reading ››