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Joloff Branding & Identity

Designer Saana Hellsten rebranded an existing restaurant for a school assignment in New York that offers traditional Senegalese food.
The branding of Joloff reflects the colorful culture and lifestyle of Senegal. The vibrant mix of patterns is balanced with white washed pastel colors. Both the colors and patterns are inspired from aspects of the culture; such as … Continue Reading ››

African inspired Stromae Design

African inspired project by Brussel based design studio Bold.
Over the course of the year, we developed several visuals to promote the release of Stromae's second album, which goes by the name of "√". Stromae asked us to come up with a different pattern for each song, which could subsequently be made ​​into clothing. Each pattern reflects the lyrics as well … Continue Reading ››

Farewell Company

Farewell Company is a project created by South African designer Ben Johnston. A great exercise in product design, branding, illustration and graphic design.
A one week project from concept to completion that combines branding, typography and product design into a 'Gentleman's Travel Kit'. The kit incorporates a hand-crafted selection of travelling essentials, that are … Continue Reading ››