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Joloff Branding & Identity

Designer Saana Hellsten rebranded an existing restaurant for a school assignment in New York that offers traditional Senegalese food.
The branding of Joloff reflects the colorful culture and lifestyle of Senegal. The vibrant mix of patterns is balanced with white washed pastel colors. Both the colors and patterns are inspired from aspects of the culture; such as … Continue Reading ››

Ghosts: Art Project on the African Arms Trade

A few weeks ago we heard about Ghosts an art project by South African filmmaker Ralph Ziman. Our friends at 10and5 interviewed Ziman and found out the motivation behind the project as well as the creative process.
While spending time in Johannesburg I was, like everyone else, horrified by the crime and the proliferation of … Continue Reading ››

Africanize Pattern Font

Print and pattern design inspiration by  South African graphic and print designer Carli Herbst.
The project brief was to create your own typeface and specimen book, using yourself as a South African as inspiration. I decided to use my passion and interest of African textiles/patterns/fabrics. I designed a pattern font that consists of 15 different patterns … Continue Reading ››

Farewell Company

Farewell Company is a project created by South African designer Ben Johnston. A great exercise in product design, branding, illustration and graphic design.
A one week project from concept to completion that combines branding, typography and product design into a 'Gentleman's Travel Kit'. The kit incorporates a hand-crafted selection of travelling essentials, that are … Continue Reading ››

Dougla: Afro Caribbean Patterns and Textures

Print, texture and pattern inspiration from designer Cherry Ann Davis. Davis is a graphic designer from Trinidad and Tobago. This recent project explores her culture.
Dougla is a colloquial term used in Trinidad and Tobago to define a person belonging to an ethnicity that is mixed races, typically African and East Indian. For this project I … Continue Reading ››