How to Submit to African Digital Art.

If you wish to send tips regarding work that is not your own, please do. Just use the email address provided below.
We receive alot of submissions weekly so please help us understand your project quickly. Send a brief email with a description of your work and attach a few relevant images sized at 1200px wide or larger.  Please do not forget to include a Bio or an Artist Statement and a link to a portfolio. You may also include a few links directly to the project in question. If your project is buried in a portfolio or gallery we may not click through everything, so help us get started in the right spot.

You will receive a response if your submission is successfully received, so there is no need to submit again. Please do not submit weekly on a repetitive schedule. Every submission is carefully considered, though due to volume we are unable to respond personally. Submissions can be sent to please do not subscribe this email address to your press list. Please do not send follow-up emails.

Attention galleries and event organizers: we appreciate the submission of your next exhibition/event. As this is a visual publication, please attach relevant installation views or existing photos of the artist’s work. Please submit to

Drop us a line.

We value your feedback and are always looking to collaborate so drop us a line.

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